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person on phoneMealTime offers school districts unlimited access to our highly trained technical support by calling 1-800-755-0904 or

Rather than being placed into an automated call queue, in most cases you will be connected directly to a technical support engineer who will be able to assist you immediately.

Our office hours are 5am to 5pm PDT 

Troubleshooting and diagnostic tools, as well as database repair utilities, once considered the domain of technical support, are actually embedded in the software and included with every copy of the MealTime software. This allows our technical support engineers to solve the vast majority of support calls during the initial phone call, in the least amount of time – and lets you get back to the business of feeding and educating students.

MealTime On-Line Is Here!!..
- Pay Child's Account On-Line
- Pay with Credit Card
- View Child's Account Activity

MealTime is always looking for ways to improve software and hardware solutions. Touch & Go is one of our new solutions for security. Call us for more information.
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