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The CLM’s flagship program, MealTime Point Of Sale, is a point of sale software meal accountability system - one which is utilized daily in thousands of schools nationwide. MealTime POS fills 2 critical needs for school districts. It is a point of sale terminal system for your K-12 school cafeterias and a "Central Office" reporting tool for your food service staff.

Since lunch programs differ from school to school, even within a district MealTime can be scaled to fit each cafeteria individually. The MealTime information for each school can be automatically uploaded to the district office, providing a full 360-degree view of meal and financial data from the whole school district. From elementary schools with just one serving line to secondary schools that serve meals and a la carte items to thousands of students, MealTime provides you with a creative and cost-effective solution and 100% meal accountability at each site.
Using MealTime’s point of sale terminals, students purchase their meals with cash or with their pre-paid debit accounts using either barcode IDs, rosters or by entering their pin numbers on a numeric keypad. The Point of Sale features inside of MealTime were designed to be powerful, flexible and easy regardless of the school settings. MealTime can be used on a variety of devices so schools can choose the method that suits them the best. These devices include a personal computer, a touch screen, a point of sale terminal or a hand-held computer. These can be used in conjunction with many combinations of peripherals, such as numeric keypads and barcode scanners. Additional devices such as cash drawers, weigh scales and pole displays are available.

The entry screens are designed to be customizable and easy to use. Among other things, you can change the color, font and text size of the keys, while defining them to any food items. Mealtime displays students’ names and photos during every transaction, at every terminal, empowering your staff to easily verify each student. Yet MealTime protects students’ confidentiality by treating every student in exactly the same way, regardless of their Free or Reduced eligibility status. Simple intuitive tools, such as diet restrictions and shared household accounts, allows your staff to respond to parental requests and enforce district policies - while still getting students through the lunch lines as quickly as possible. MealTime maintains a detailed record of every deposit, every payment, every meal and a la carte sale, providing 100% meal and financial accountability throughout the district’s school lunch program. Information about the transaction and student is easily seen and yet the free/reduced status of the student is kept completely anonymous.
One of MealTime’s most powerful features is the variety and depth of reports that are available. Reports that show student information, sales, inventory, transaction information and every other aspect of food service are available. Since all reports can be exported for your use in outside accounting methods or even emailed, MealTime is an exceptionally powerful reporting tool. MealTime’s Central Office reporting tools gives you a simple, up to the minute view of all sales and meal activity, including historical data for every student. The CLM Group developed MealTime in conjunction with a major metropolitan schools district. MealTime has intuitive, point-and-click reports that are responsive to parents, students, school business officials and the government reimbursement program. With thousands of schools throughout the nation utilizing MealTime everyday, you can be confident that the CLM Group is constantly enhancing our software and hardware to meet the requirements of K-12 public school meal programs point of sale software

MealTime On-Line Is Here!!..
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MealTime is always looking for ways to improve software and hardware solutions. Touch & Go is one of our new solutions for security. Call us for more information.
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